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Big Date Laboratory

Founded in 2017, the Newtouch Big Date Laboratory is located in Beinjing. Conforming expert professional resource, the lab focuses on exploring big data and products related to big data to promote the application of big data in the financial, government, telecommunications, medical and other industries.

Big Date Infrastructure Servicesis

The Big Date Infrastructure Servicesis supported with the Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm and other big date technologies to provide data processing analysis services, which is based on eastic virtual machine.

Stream Compute

The Stream Compute is a big data processing platform that is a one-stop, high-performance, stable and usability. You can quickly build a big data system which has strong QPS processing capacity.

Blockchain Laboratory

The Newtouch Blockchain Laboratory is founded in 2017, which is located in Shanghai and Chongqing. The lab's team has about 12 employees who mainly explore Blockchain technology in Intelligent Contract, Alliance Chain and Distributed Encryption Storage Technology.

Artificial Intellifence Laboratory

The Newtouch Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is located in Shenzhen. Combining with frontier technology and over 24 years' experience in industries,the lab is promoting the application and innovation of Artificial Intellifence technology in various financial scenarios. At the same time, we are building Artificial Intellifence prodcuts on the basis of Image Recognition, Text Recognition, Data Mining and so on.

Speech Recognition System

The Speech Recognition System can turn the recordings into the corresponding visual text by program recognition and understanding.

Speech Synthesis System

Breaking the traditional man-computer interaction mode, the Speech Synthesis System convert text information into sound information which can talk like a person . This function can make machine communicate with people more natural.

Word Recognition System

The Word Recognition System translates the words on this image which is applied to vehicle insurance, owner identity authentication, bank card, identity card and so on into editable texts.

Image Recognition System

Based on Big Bata and deep learning, the Image Recognition System accurately recognize and translate visual content in images.

Language Translation System

The Image Recognition System recognition can automatically recognize the text in the voice and translate it into the target language.

Machine Translation system

The Machine Translation system translates source languages into target languages by autonomous learning and supports a variety of languages.

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Big Date Laboratory

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Blockchain Laboratory

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Artificial Intellifence Laboratory

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