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No matter what industry your company is, we provide cloud computing services and products.

Newtouch Enterprise Cloud

Founded in 2017, the Newtouch Big Date Laboratory is located in Beinjing. Conforming expert professional resource, the lab focus on exploring big data and products related. We devote ourselves to promote the application of big data in the financial, government, telecommunications, medical and other industries.


Based on Computational Virtualization Technology, we provide customization solutions which is suitable for Internet trends.


Combined with Computational Virtualization Technology, Read/Write Splitting, Task Scheduling and other advanced technique, we can enchance performance of insurance, such as stability, elasticity and extensibility.


We provide comprehensive solutions for securities, such as quotes, information, stock recommendation and customer management.


We provide customized cloud computing services to P2P, small loan, sponsoring company, crowdfunding and other new financial enterprises

Newtouch Enterprise Cloud

Based on the advantages of Newtouch Enterprise Cloud and rich experience ,we provide solutions and products which suit for consumers individuation requires. As an integrator ,we creat multiple platform which is like a bridge of communication for enterprises. At the same time, we should create a good closed loop to the unified management of enterprises and the open source community.


On the technical advantages of Network, Cloud Computer Unified and Collaboration, we help the government improve administrative efficiency with open, sharing, agile, efficient, safe and reliable government information solutions.

Industry Park

Make IT resources and services of the park be more secure, convenient and flexibl to transform and upgrade to the intelligent park. Reduce the investment cost of building IT infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and benefits of park management and promote the development of industrial parks and ecosphere.


With the application of innovative solutions such as digital railway, digital city regulation and smart airport, the journey is more portable, logistics is more efficient, cities are more open, and transportation guarantees are more powerful.


In modern society, the dependence of electric power is increasing.How to achieve the power grid reliable, economical, efficient and green is the major challenge for the power industry. Intelligent electricity provides strong guarantee.

Energy and Resources

Combined SaaS with security control, we Fully deploy safe and reliable network. We provide a complete management system which can achieve full cooperation between the front and rear sides ,in order to promote efficient integration of business processes.


In the present industrial age, a new generation of information technology is deeply integrated with manufature. Based on cloud computing, large data and other technologies, we help manufacturing industry customers to reshape the manufacturing value chain, innovate business models and achieve new value creation.


With the leading big data and cloud computing technology, we build a retail solution based on SaaS services with the world's top partners.At the same time, we provide a retail integration machine, unified access of chain stores and other programs to reduce operating costs.

Newtouch Medical Cloud

The Newtouch Medical Cloud subverts the traditional service model of medical information with the support of Big Date Laboratory, Blockchain and Artificial Intellifence Laboratory. We have helped many medical institutions and regulators to effectively improve the efficiency of work, optimize management, reduced the cost and minmize the risk of information construction. With the support medical institutions will improve the experience of medical treatment.

Pre-sale Consulting

The team of Newtouch Medical Cloud pre-sale consultationprovide medical information product consultation.

Business Support

Newtouch Medical Cloud provides multiple technical support solutions to solve all your worries.

Basic Services

Newtouch Medical Cloud provides customers with comprehensive and sustained technical support and services.

After-sale service

With abundant capital and rich experience for the majority of customers to provide good after-sales service standding by 7*24 for the rest of the year.

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